Hole Punching – Part Shearing - Notching

Hole Punching Dies

Phelinger punching dies are manufactured to your specific hole making requirements for steel, aluminum or composite materials. Dies with combinations of round and shaped holes in straight-line or cluster patterns are available. When requesting a quotation, please provide hole sizes, type and thickness of material being punched and press information. Part gauging can also be provided as required.

Corner, Edge & Vee Notching Dies

For applications that require 90 degree corners, vee and edge notching, Phelinger Tool & Die can provide dies for your part application. Notch angles other than 90 degrees, corner radius or custom corner notch and edge notch dies are also available. For a prompt quotation, please provide a dimensional drawing, type and thickness of material being notched.

Shearing Dies

Phelinger two post flat stock shearing dies are available for material thickness up to 1/4” mild steel and shear width up to 20”. Angle Iron Shearing dies are also available for up to 2” x 2” x 1/4” angle.

Mandrel Tube Punching

For deformation-free holes in tube & pipe, single or multiple hole mandrel dies are available. Provide your tube specifications and required hole sizes for a prompt quotation.

Tube Punching

Two sided block design punching dies for round or square tube or pipe. Top block section is mounted to press ram and bottom block is mounted to press bed. When ordering, provide your tube size, wall thickness and required hole sizes.

Custom Punching

For parts that require holes in aluminum extrusion, roll formed or brake formed parts, Phelinger Tool & Die can provide the right tool for your job.

Custom Notching

Phelinger Tool & Die specializes in notching dies for parts that require custom configurations. Send us your part drawings for review.